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Want to feel the relief that chiropractic care can offer without the cracking and twisting that usually accompanies it? Here at Stynchula Chiropractic we utilize a specific technique that does not twist you up like a pretzel but instead allows you to lay comfortably on our adjusting tables all while getting the full benefits of chiropractic care.

Through the use of the arthrostim adjusting instrument in conjunction with the Koren Specific Technique, we can safely adjust infants to elderly while they lay comfortably on our adjusting tables. This method removes most of the need to put our patients in any uncomfortable positions. We are also able to better pinpoint specific problem areas.

We take your symptoms into account but do not let them completely take over our treatment protocol. Many chiropractors only look to adjust the area in which the patient is having problems (such as low back pain or neck pain). However, this leaves them unable to provide the patient with significant improvement. We focus on your problem areas as well as total body health.

At Stynchula Chiropractic we have been serving the people of Greensburg and the surrounding communities since February of 1981. Many people in this area have experienced just how good their body can feel after visiting our office and we will continue to provide this great care, for which we are known, for many years to come. 





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