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Stress and Your Body

Stress and Your Body

Even before the COVID pandemic it’s perfectly fair to say that all of us were dealing with some level of stress on a daily basis. Since the pandemic all of us are feeling even more stressed and no matter what the cause it’s not good for us.

The founder of chiropractic, D.D. Palmer came up with the idea that there are 3 major forms of stress that impact the body: thoughts, traumas, and toxins. Let’s discuss these forms of stress and what they mean.

1. Thoughts                                                                                                

This type of stress can involve anything from feeling: anxious, worried, angry, worthless, depressed, etc. These negative emotions wreak havoc on us and make us feel lesser. Even though emotions and negative thoughts are not talked about as often as the other two in this list, they are huge contributing factors and should not be overlooked.

2. Traumas

When I say the word trauma I’m sure most of you imagine a car crash, a fall, or something else very serious. Although you are correct that these are traumas, they don’t have to be this serious to still be traumatic on our bodies. Activities such as: gardening, running, helping a friend move into a new home, sitting (especially for hours at a time), skiing, biking, cleaning, etc., are also forms of physical stress on the body. This physical stress can cause small misalignments to occur. These misalignments, whether to your spine or the bones in your extremities, produce localized soft tissue swelling. This soft tissue swelling can in turn put pressure on any nearby nerves and lead to: pain, decreased range of motion, and even weakness.

3. Toxins

The last from of stress is one that has three main components: environmental, dietary, and lifestyle. Environmental stress would involve things such as air quality and water quality. Dietary stresses are those that can be traced back to what you are eating. Sugar, unhealthy fats, and processed carbohydrates are some great examples of foods that put a lot of stress on the body. Lifestyle stresses include things such as: use of tobacco, alcohol, and medications.

After reading the descriptions of each of these forms of stress I’m sure you realize that I couldn’t name every single example of them. However, I hope this enables you to analyze your own life and hopefully make some changes that will leave you healthier and less stressed.