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Is the fear of having your neck or back forcefully cracked keeping you from seeking the care that you really need?

Is the fear of having your neck or back forcefully cracked keeping you from seeking the care that you really need?

Dr. Lawrence and Dr. Erik Stynchula had the same exact feeling; they knew just how important correct alignment of the spine is to a person’s overall health but they also understood just how uncomfortable and forceful many adjustments can be. Being chiropractic patients themselves they wanted to be able to provide the same great adjustments that they needed,as well as their patients. So the search was on to find a way to adjust patients that focused more on finesse than force.
After searching for several years Dr. Lawrence found arthrostim adjusting and the Koren Specific Technique; forever changing the way that he would adjust and opening his eyes allowing him to much more precisely and gently adjust his patients and his family. The arthrostim, an FDA approved chiropractic instrument, is used to gently but precisely coax the spine back into proper alignment using a series of 12 taps a second. Koren Specific Technique is a method for analyzing a patient’s body and determining the correct area and the correct order in which a patient’s body should be adjusted. After completing the necessary requirements Dr. Lawrence became certified in Koren Specific Technique in 2007 and Dr. Erik completed his certification in 2017. Through the combination of this technique coupled with the arthrostim and knowledge from many other techniques including: Thompson, Logan Basic, Applied Kinesiology, and SOT, etc., they have seen amazing changes to themselves and their patients. Dr. Lawrence and Dr. Erik adjust each other and their families using the arthrostim alongside KST as well as their patients. They continue to change people’s lives, from infants to the elderly, restoring the motion to the joints of their spine and allowing their bodies to have the best chance to work at their optimal levels.
Now you can see that it is possible to reap the amazing results that chiropractic has to offer without having to be subjected to extremely forceful adjustments. Does this make you more confident to give chiropractic a try and experience all that it can do for you? If you have further questions or would like more information please give our office a call at 724-838-0200 and we would be glad to assist you!

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  1. John R Levine says:

    I started to to get treatments from Dr. Larry in the early years of his practice. My mother was told that she had a deteriorating spine problem, and would soon be bed fast. Someone told my dad about Dr. Larry, and how he helped them. He made her an appointment, and that changed her life forever. After 2 appointments she was able to get around like she hadn’t been able to for quite a while. Soon she was up and getting around like her old self. When I needed an adjustment I decided to give him a try. I have been a loyal patient ever since. I had to move out of state for a few years because of my work. When I needed a chiropractic adjustment out there, I had to go to a chiropractor that did the standard adjusting where they twist you all up, snap your neck, and use heavy force on your back. Sometimes I felt worse when I left, than when I got there. After getting back to Pennsylvania I went back to Dr. Larry.

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