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Modern Medicine versus Chiropractic Care

Modern Medicine versus Chiropractic Care

Modern medicine and chiropractic are often set at odds from one another. Although they do have some major differences, which will be our main discussion, they also have several similarities as well. Medical doctors and chiropractors both go to school for a considerable amount of time. They are both well trained in their respective fields and can build on that foundation considerably through continuing education courses. Lastly, MDs and Chiropractors both get into their professions because they want to help people. Now that we have seen the similarities let’s jump into the differences.


In general medicine believes that many issues arise from the blood. With this in mind much of their testing is focused around obtaining specific blood levels and comparing those to known figures.

Chiropractic’s focus is around nerve function. For this reason all of the testing performed is meant to find specific areas that are creating dysfunction in the nervous system.


Medicine uses 3 main types: medications, surgery, and radiation. Medications are used to suppress symptoms. Surgery is used to remove tissues that are deemed problematic. Radiation is used to burn away tissues that are cancerous. These treatments are primarily focused around relieving symptoms but not necessarily the root cause.

Chiropractic uses one form of treatment and that is the chiropractic adjustment. The adjustment’s goal is to relieve pressure on specific nerves in the body, found during the testing phase, that are creating problems in that person’s nervous system.  

Side Effects

One cannot mention the word medication without simultaneously thinking about side effects. Although medications undergo testing there are no medications that do not have any side effects. This can be especially scary if someone is on more than one medication. Many medications when taken together with other medications can cause or even worsen side effects which can ultimately be life-threatening.

Chiropractic can also have side effects but when present they are extremely mild or may even be positive. Patients may experience some soreness around areas that have been adjusted especially if they have never been adjusted before. Patients also report positive side effects such as: improvements in sleep, improved ability to focus, and even decreased pain in other areas of the body.


Medicine breaks the body up into many different areas and that is why there are so many specialties. For example: podiatrists, urologists, gastroenterologists, cardiologists, etc. Because they have such a vast knowledge of their specific area specialists are extremely important.

Chiropractic looks at the entire body as a whole. The nerves that originate in the spinal cord proceed to branch out to all of our organs and tissues which in turn control all of our body’s functions. For this reason it only makes sense to put all of our focus on the nervous system and ensure that any and all interference is removed.

In the end both professions are extremely important. MDs have no equals when it comes to emergency care. If you are experiencing a heart attack, have a broken bone, or have a large wound then modern medicine is going to take incredible care of you. However, if you are looking for someone to help you take a natural approach to health then please seek out a chiropractor.