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We treat the cause, not just the symptoms.

Stynchula Chiropractic has been in business
in Greensburg, PA since 1981!


Why We’re Different


The large majority of our adjustments are very light force and only in times where the segments are extremely restricted will we consider using a more forceful chiropractic adjustment. Most other chiropractors do all of their adjusting with a lot of force rather than finesse.


We take your symptoms into account but do not let them completely take over our treatment protocol. Many chiropractors only look to adjust the area in which the patient is having problems (such as low back pain or neck pain). However, this leaves them unable to provide the patient with significant improvement.


Through the use of the arthrostim adjusting instrument in conjunction with the Koren Specific Technique we can safely adjust infants to elderly while they lay comfortably on our adjusting tables. This method removes most of the need to put our patients in extremely “twisted up” positions when we perform the chiropractic adjustments.


Stynchula Chiropractic has been operating in Greensburg, PA since 1981! We have changed so many lives in our community and will continue to help even more in the coming years. We are conviently located at 604 Alwine Curry Rd, Greensburg, PA 15601

Meet Our Team

Dr. Lawrence Stynchula

Doctor of Chiropractic

Dr. Erik Stynchula

Doctor of Chiropractic

Lydia Omlor

Office Manager

Angela Tyler


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